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Real-World Results from Bloomclicks

Contextual Advertising;

Get focused on activity by posting advertisements in search systems. Other than observing your promotions in the indexed lists, clients looking for specific items or services will likewise observe them on websites from the Google Display Network.

E-mail Marketing

Make a supporter database and begin sending newsletters with the offers from advertising partners. Most importantly, you ought to break down the interests and inclinations of your subscribers to give them really helpful and relevant content.

Social Media

Post focused on advertisements social networks, purchase commercial publications in mainstream gatherings, or make your very own gatherings with an intriguing content that will draw in new subscribers.

Monetize Your Traffic

Display/Banner Advertising

If your website gets decent traffic, you can create a few ad spaces and negotiate the placement of banners through ad exchanges or directly with the advertisers.
In the event that your site gets decent activity, you can make a couple of promotion spaces and arrange the situation of pennants through promotion trades or direct with the sponsors.


Study the activity of your users on advertisers’ websites and create smart targeted ads to return them to your website and stimulate conversion.

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