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Bloomclicks is a digital advertising platform that connects advertisers, brands, agencies, affiliates, and influencers in a win-win partnership. Bloomclicks is more than just an affiliate network. It’s a partnership platform that helps you grow your business globally with game-changing digital marketing solutions. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, Bloomclicks can help you scale up your partnership and affiliate marketing efforts and achieve amazing results.


We help you maximize profits!

Earn high commissions for lead, install, sales or transactions by the visitors you referred to Bloomclicks through the website, blog posts, articles, banners, emails, landing pages, and all social media platforms.


Scale-up your business globally!

Drive Revenue Growth, Build Customer Loyalty, and Maximize Engagement with Our Proven Techniques and Strategies. Our team has developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in our industry, allowing us to meet the needs of our customers with precision and care.

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We take deep professional pride in being dedicated to optimizing your campaigns with absolute data-driven analysis and processes, to generate quality leads and effective sales.

Adesanmi, Bloomclicks Founder

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Dive into a world of brand discovery and handpick partnerships that resonate with your content narrative. At Bloomclicks, we prioritize your compatibility, linking you solely to brand collaborations that mirror your content ethos. Refine these prospects by compensation structures, whether flat fee, gifting, revenue sharing, performance, or bids. Align your collaboration seamlessly with platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and beyond.

Automated Payment & Invoicing

Excellent contracts make for
excellent partnerships

Choose your desired business results and reward your performing partners effectively

Pay for genuine conversions

Don’t waste money paying for low-value performance or early-funnel actions. Reward your partner only when their lead converts, sales generated, booking is consumed, app download activated or free trial converts to paid.

Phase out paper contracts

Set up electronic contracts that give you a complete system of record for your partnerships.

Customize payouts to value

Use Dynamic Payouts to automatically customize partner commissions up or down by 100+ factors.

Accelerate value, not just volume

Compensate partners for generating revenue, new customers, or by any other metrics that matter.

Pay across borders seamlessly

Transfer funds in your preferred currency easily and your partners will receive payment in theirs.

State-of-the-Art Technology Powering
Our Campaigns

At Bloomclicks, our commitment goes beyond typical digital marketing. We empower our clients with actionable insights using the industry’s pinnacle of data-driven technology platforms. Our proprietary software, infused with the prowess of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning, and Machine Learning (ML), transforms how you approach digital marketing—bringing unparalleled dynamism to every campaign.

Dive into instantaneous performance insights for your brand or business. With Bloomclicks, harness the power of our unique consumer data to pinpoint fresh opportunities and make smarter business decisions to quickly ensure your business is always one step ahead of its competition.

Driving Digital Revenue for Our 400+ Satisfied Customers Globally

Bloomclicks leverages its media expertise across a variety of business models, including Affiliate marketing, influencer and creator Partnerships, Content Marketing, Mobile Partnerships, analytics, and Attribution through different channels, including display, desktop, video, email, native for mobile, non-incentive traffic for Android and iOS, social media, push, popunder, contextual, SEO, search, SMS, programmatic media buying, and in-app with options to target Device ID, Carrier, country, region, city, zip code, time zone, and many more.

Trusted By Successful Global Brands

Empowering your Business with Actual Results

Bloomclicks revolutionizes business development by offering unparalleled opportunities to engage with top-tier audiences. Through tailored direct response and brand campaigns, we prioritize results-driven strategies. Experience enhanced management, optimization, scaling, and automation for your brand, all while witnessing a surge in revenues and only paying for tangible outcomes.

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Gain consumers' trust through brand partnership

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At Bloomclicks, our devoted teams are ever-present, delivering prompt and real-time support that spans feedback, assistance, guidance, and seamless integration solutions tailored for our valued clients and partners.

We prioritize round-the-clock customer service excellence, ensuring every interaction with Bloomclicks Digital Advertising — from login, finance, chat, email, to VOIP calls and US-based technical phone support — is streamlined and effective.

Elevate Brand Visibility and Customer Interaction

At Bloomclicks, we specialize in forging strategic partnerships that catalyze business momentum. Harness the power of our digital advertising platform to amplify brand exposure and captivate your audience like never before.

As a premier agency in social media, e-commerce, SEO, PPC, and web design, Bloomclicks is your gateway to unparalleled digital success. Our state-of-the-art reporting tools pinpoint your business’s gaps and the reasons behind your competitors’ lead. With bespoke solutions tailored to your marketing aspirations, tap into a vast global network of channels. Whether you’re eyeing heightened exposure, increased sales, leads, sign-ups, or app installs, we ensure every move aligns with your brand’s evolution.

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How We Will Scale up Your Business

  • Dedicated Account manager for clients and partners
  • Expert tech team in the onboarding process
  • State-of-the-art reporting platform
  • Growth Evaluation
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Amidst the shifting terrains of the business world, Bloomclicks stands as your bridge to a vast global performance network of advertisers, agencies, and the most relevant publishers/audiences passionate about your brand.

Our platform empowers advertisers and agencies to identify prime inventory and audiences. Partner with us and harness the trustworthiness we bring to ensure your brand forges authentic connections, yielding real results. With our unparalleled consumer insights, we craft data-driven campaigns that not only boost brand awareness but also excel at acquisition and engagement targets.