Partnership Management

Increase revenues through Data-driven partnership management

Discover and recruit the right partners quickly and seamlessly. Keep an eye on each success metric with transparent data-driven detailed analytics.

Discover & Recruit

Accelerate growth with the right partners to represent your brand through various media types such as content creators, influencers, deals and loyalty sites. Recruit them to help you reach your target audience and boost overall conversion.

Contract & Pay
Create contracts and effectively automate partner payments, regardless of their location. Define your terms flexibly with electronic contracting and automatically settle payments in 75+ currencies.
Track & Attribute
Track the entire customer journey across devices, web and apps properties, customize attribution accurately with our innovative technology and consumer insights, to measure and optimize your campaigns performance.
Engage your partners through direct communication, proactive collaboration, and rich promotional materials. Optimize your projects continuously and nurture your partners at scale by launching incentive marketing campaigns to drive sustainable growth.
Monitor & Protect
Spend on legitimate partners only, protect your brand by exposing affiliate fraud, cut out invalid traffic, and prevent and combat online fraud such as phishing, malware, brand impersonation, identity theft, and more.
Optimize & Scale
Optimize and scale your partnership. Analyze and empower your partners performance with customized real-time data-driving reporting, and measure the effectiveness and value of all channels to gain actionable insights.

Brand Discovery

Stay a step ahead with competitive discovery; search by brand to see who is driving traffic for your competitors. Integrate performance analysis tracking, from awareness and consideration to conversion.
Trust Brands

Connect with Ideal Partners and Optimize your Partnership Program

Bloomclicks streamlines advertiser partnerships by identifying the most suitable affiliates and influencers for your programs. We emphasize proactive partnership management through recruitment, activation, and motivation. With our rigorous pre-screening, only top-tier affiliates will promote your brand, ensuring optimal advertising value and brand integrity.

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Real-time Performance Analysis

Gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns with real-time metrics like click-through rates, conversions, CR, and EPC. Understand your ROI and make data-driven decisions.

Compliance & Regulation

Bloomclicks prioritizes affiliate compliance with set guidelines, especially in promotional strategies and claims, to safeguard brand integrity and reputation.

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Our secure platform identifies affiliate fraud, including conversion spoofing, VPN use, duplicate IPs, and more. Our AI and ML-enhanced features, including Bloomclicks Tokens and blacklists, actively prevent malicious traffic.

Cookieless Tracking

Bloomclicks offers a robust cookieless tracking solution, capturing precise online journey data across all devices. Without relying on cookies, we deliver consistent and reliable insights throughout the conversion path, leading to sales.

Campaign Optimization

Bloomclicks platform boosts advertiser program growth, amplifying brand visibility and sales through optimized promotional reach. Emphasizing transparent, fraud-resistant analytics, we empower partners to craft superior ad strategies, achieving objectives with accurate data insights.

Global Network

Connect with potential partners from all corners of the globe, ensuring your brand gets the international exposure it deserves.

Find the right partners. Enlarge your reach

Discover perfectly aligned and build your ideal team of global partners – and add them to your partnership program with ease.

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