Machine learning is a concept that many people do not fully understand. This is not “AI” in the sense that many people think of AI, but a concept in the computer that is closely related to it. Machine learning describes how computers learn, which effectively means how computers identify patterns in large amounts of data. A computer can use machine learning to develop facial recognition algorithms, for example by looking at thousands of facial images.

Similarities in Face Images: They are oval in shape, they have a tendency to have hair, they have points of contrast where the eyes go, etc. The more data you put into the system, the more accurately it will recognize faces in images. Does this affect digital marketing?

Learning From shopping Behavior

The answer, of course, is that almost all websites collect big data because of visitor tracking. Every time someone visits a website, Google Analytics and other tools record when they arrived, what links they followed, what pages they viewed when they left, etc. All of this information is often wasted. With machine learning, it is now possible to turn that data into something actionable.

We see this, for example, when we look at recommendations on Bloomclicks tracking platform. These recommendations are generated as a result of observing behavioural patterns among millions of customers. In this way, Bloomclicks algorithms can learn where most of the traffic comes from and which purchases tend to be consecutive, which in turn means that Bloomclicks Advertiser/Publishers can contact you at the right time with the right offer that might interest you to help you make a sale.

We see this as well when we surf the rest of the web. Because cookies are stored on our computers, websites can share information with each other. As a result, an ad may appear on an unrelated website for the same Bloomclicks Affiliate product/programs. Similarly, you might find that a user who comes from website X is more likely to purchase product Y. All of this becomes even more powerful and effective for websites with user accounts that can track people’s behaviour. over long periods of time and collect so much more data about your spending and your likelihood of making certain purchases.


Machine Learning will only continue to develop from this point in time. And display ads that are statistically more likely to make a purchase. In the future, our browser experience will always be tailored precisely to our specific interests and needs, based on input from countless other users.

The result will be a website that is much more efficient and of course with much higher conversions and CTR for marketers.
Just keep collecting this data. It will be very useful in the future.

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